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5 Mitzvah Themes Everyone Will Love

It’s that momentous time in your child’s life and you’re beginning to plan their Mitzvah. A great place to start is choosing the theme, as it will be reflected in each step of the planning from invites to the film that captures it all. So here are some ideas to get the Bar or Bat Mitzvah ball rolling that every friend, family member and most importantly your guest of honour will love.

  1. Candy

What kid doesn’t love candy? And for everyone else, you know their inner child would love to spend an evening in a colourful Candy Land. This means bright coloured lights, cotton candy stations, lollipop balloons, sprinkle confetti on the tables and polka dot chair covers.

Unfortunately candy can’t be served for dinner (or go for it and see what happens), but you can disguise entrées by making them candy shaped! Slice up an acorn squash into pretty flower shapes, put cherry tomatoes and bocconcini on sticks like lollipops, or serve bow tie pasta that already looks like little candies.

Then for dessert, you can do what Peyton did and have a full out candy station with her name custom printed on the chocolate bars:

2. Super Hero

Give your child the chance to live their super hero fantasy with this fun and adventurous theme. As the party invitation you can make a short comic strip depicting guests attending the event. Hire actors to play favourite super heroes to join in on the party or (super)man the photo booth station. Give comic books as party favours, decorate the tables and chairs with super hero logos, and use action figures to hold the place settings.

Then complete the vision with a super hero themed retrospective film so you can re-live the party through an action movie lens. Our team at DMS not only captures your special day, but can edit the footage to match your theme!

3. Sports

Whether you pick one favourite sport or sports in general, this theme allows so much room for fun decorations and active party games.

Design your party invites like tickets to a game. Bring in an air-hockey or foosball table to entertain guests. Decorate with soccer ball balloons, serve a cheese ball dressed up like a basket ball and give customized collapsible frisbees as party favours.

Or surprise everyone with inviting a famous baseball player like Noah did!

4. Winter Wonderland

Bring the outdoors inside with this beautiful snowy theme. String white or blue lights across the ceiling or on indoor trees. Sprinkle snowflake confetti on the tables and use snowmen or pinecones as place setters. Fill clear balloons with glitter and fake snow. Serve snowball cake pops, yogurt covered pretzels, hot chocolate, and white or blue cotton candy.

Dress the part with a blue and white suit or gown. Check out Emmy’s winter inspired dress:

(Spotted! Looks like Emmy also has a sprinkle of candy theme here with her jellybean limbo stick.)

5. Camp

Give everyone the chance to go to camp for the night or even make it a whole weekend! Rent out a favourite camp your kids go to or host it at a cottage so everyone can dance waterside and under the stars.

Roast marshmallows over a campfire, use plaid tablecloths, serve BBQ food, and give every guest a sky lantern to release into the night. If you’re there during the day, plan some fun water sports, fishing, or canoeing. If everyone stays over, they can sleep in tents or cabins to get the full camping experience.

See how Ryen spent her camp inspired Bat Mitzvah:

If you decide to go with a candy themed Mitzvah, be sure to check out some of our Toronto based friends who specialize in sweets!

Contact DMS Video today to find out more about professionally capturing your Mitzvah.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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