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5 Wedding Day Didn’ts that you should do!

After 35+ years of filming wedding videos, we’ve heard plenty of “I wish I’d done…” or “If I could go back…” from couples after their wedding day. With so much to plan and with everything happening on the day, it’s natural to forget or not consider some things. So we thought we’d share some things couples didn’t do that they wish they had so you can keep them in mind for your own wedding day!

Bride and Groom Eat Cake

Didn’t Eat

You’ll be surprised how often we hear that the happy couple forgot to eat on their wedding day! But with all of the photos to take, guests to greet and songs to dance to, it’s easy to miss taking a snack break. So plan time for yourself to sit down and eat or request some friendly reminders from your wedding party to check if you want any food. You spend so much time picking the perfect, most delicious food items so you should ensure you get to enjoy them!

Didn’t Change Shoes

Bride Wearing Sneakers

This one is for the heel-wearing brides. You’ve picked the coolest, fanciest or prettiest shoes that go perfectly with your ensemble but unfortunately, the best-looking heels aren’t always the most comfortable. You are on your feet all day and don’t want uncomfortable shoes to spoil your day. There are so many fun and glamorous sneakers or flats that you can change into after photos so you can dance the night away.

Sunny Wedding

Didn’t Wear Sunscreen

This goes for your guests too! Sometimes you underestimate how long you’ll actually be outside on the wedding day. Between photos and if you’ve chosen an outdoor ceremony, you can be outside for a good portion of the day. Even for winter weddings, if you’re outdoors while the sun is shining, you should protect your skin and save yourself from an uncomfortable sunburn on your wedding night.

Didn’t Bring an Extra Shirt

Dad Helps Groom Button Shirt

For anyone in a tux or suit, this one can be a game changer! Especially for summer weddings, with

all of the nerves, sunny outdoor photos and hours of dancing it’s nice to have a fresh shirt you can change into. And you can keep the receipt for the second one so if you don’t end up using it, you can always return it!

Bride and Groom on Wedding Day

Didn’t Hire a Cinematographer

Well, we’ve never heard this from any of the couples we’ve worked with, since they did hire us! But they have mentioned that some of their recently married friends didn’t hire a wedding cinematographer and they really regretted it. Couples sometimes think because they have a photographer that they don’t also need a videographer but photographers and videographers both hold different and vital roles on the wedding day. A wedding video tells the story of your special day and lets you relive it for years afterward. It can capture the way loved ones speak, cute mannerisms, and the specific sound of your spouse's laugh. These are things you’ll want to remember forever and can only be captured through video.

Thinking of hiring a wedding videographer? Contact DMS Video today!

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