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Alyssia + Gad’s Wedding | The Warehouse, Toronto

On a beautiful day in June 2019, Alyssia + Gad finally said ‘I do!’. At The Warehouse in Toronto alongside family and friends, they finally made it official! Alyssia + Gad's day was filled with so much joy and excitement for their futures yet to come. From getting ready, the reveal, the ceremony, to the reception - Alyssia + Gad were both absolutely gorgeous on this beautiful day. They also had a stunning photo session at Mint Room Studios before the ceremony - one of the highlights of their day was capturing so many beautiful moments to remember for a lifetime. At The Warehouse in Toronto, Alyssia + Gad walked down the aisle in front of their family and friends and said ‘ I do!’. We were thrilled to create both their Next Day Edit as well as their Cinematic Retrospective keepsake of their special day and the precious moments they’ll keep with them for a lifetime.

With their stunning Next Day Edit, Alyssia, Gad and all of their closest family and friends got to see their video within a week of their special celebration - truly a perfect ending to a perfect day. Along with the joy of watching the highlights of their wedding day so soon after tying the knot, Alyssia and Gad will also have their full Retrospective film as a precious keepsake for all their lives.

Take a look at Alyssia + Gad’s beautiful Next Day Edit!:

Alyssia + Gad, we wish you only the very best in the many years together yet to come!

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