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Beyond Wedding Videos, the Retrospective

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

In 2009, we knew it was time for a change. We aimed to change the look of Wedding films forever! Enter The Wedding Retrospective.

Chaning the face of Wedding Films

Wedding Retrospective films are not just recap videos of your day, these films tell the "Story" of your Wedding Day and more! We look in-depth to your relationship, your chemistry, your future, and mold a film that uniquely tells your story, in a very personal manner.

Different lengths for different tastes.

Our films come in a wide variety of options and film lengths.

Embed videos and music

  • 5 Minute Highlight Cinematic Films

  • 10 Minute Cinematic Film

  • 15-20 Minute Feature Film

  • Same Day Edits

  • Next Day Edits

When choosing your film(s), it's important to decide what you want MOST first. Although budget can be a determining factor, it's wise to book what you really want as you'll find, after the Wedding, these films will be just about all you have left.

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