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Live-Streaming Your Wedding with DMS LIVE!

To Postpone, Or Not To Postpone?  That no longer needs to be the question!

With everything that’s been going on surrounding social distancing, many couples have postponed their weddings, deciding to reschedule for 2021 or later.  But cancelling your 2020 date outright may not be the best option. With the future still uncertain and the looming possibility of a second round of quarantine later this year, going ahead with your ceremony might be the better option to avoid rescheduling again and again. “We wanted to get married in 2020.  We thought, why not get married NOW and party later?  With live-streaming, we can still bring in all the people we love and keep our original Wedding date!” said Stephanie, one of DMS Video’s Brides, who recently chatted with the studio. 

Still getting married in 2020?

We’ve seen many couples keep their ceremony date for this year and move their party into 2021; allowing them to get married as they had originally planned. The biggest concern with small, intimate ceremonies is the limited amount of guests able to attend. Having to make some major cuts to your original invitee list isn’t ideal for the majority of couples. After all, having family there to witness your marriage and share in your joy is an integral part of the ceremony in the first place! This is why many couples are now live-streaming their Wedding ceremonies. Live-streaming is the perfect way to have all your friends and family there for your special day - from anywhere around the world! Even with a small ceremony, you can still share your special day with all the ones you love that couldn’t be there in person. With DMS’s live-streaming, we take care of all the details, while you focus on enjoying your day with your family and friends - in person and virtually!

How does Live-Streaming Work?

With DMS Live, you get your own personalized web page (URL) - completely private and password protected - that leads to the webpage your family and friends will access to watch you go down the aisle. Our discrete micro-team shoots your ceremony to the same DMS quality that you’ve come to expect, while a technical director works our video switcher; switching between camera angles in real time. The Director also ensures an audio tie in so viewers can clearly hear all that is going on. Those who received an invite to view your livestream simply follow the URL and click play! After the ceremony, you have the ability to interact and instant message your virtual guests. 

Professional Live-Streaming: The Impact of Quality 

With professional live-streaming, you get crystal clear picture and sound as well as multiple camera angles - all captured live and with the capability to be viewed as a recorded video afterwards. Virtual cocktails with instant messaging allows you to interact with your guests online; one of the many features of professional live-streaming that you won’t get from cell phone video through a social media platform.

“This is not Zoom, Skype, iChat, or one of the many other web-cam or cell phone options some couples have decided to go with” says Darren Sager, owner of DMS Video Productions. “Too many couples have recanted nightmares while attempting to view such options with their friend’s Weddings.  We decided if we were going to offer live-streaming the right way, we would offer a Professional Solution that would make the viewers feel as if they were right there, celebrating with the couple”, says Sager. “We have invested considerable capital to ensure a proper live-stream for our clients. This includes a quadruplex system, server-level bonding system that relies on Sputnik engines to ensure a dedicated line, not shared by others.  Using Wifi, Ethernet AND multiple cellular signals all bonded together, we ensure we can provide our live-streams just about anywhere”, says Sager.

For months, couples have looked for ways to share their nuptials with others and with the popularity of video conferencing tools like Zoom being so widely used, it seems like a great option. “Quickly, couples begin to realize that tools like Zoom are intended for very different reasons. We use Zoom for our meetings. We own a Professional account and love the technology, but would never dream of using it to live-stream any content, especially something as important, and once-in-a-lifetime as a Wedding! Webcams just can’t compete with our professional cameras, lenses, and more importantly, our Cinematographers”, says Sager.  

Conference tools suffer from user limits, reduced image quality, poor cameras and noise issues for viewers. Many viewers simply don’t mute their microphones leading to poor audio quality for all involved. “Zoom has had some glaring problems with privacy and security. 'Zoom bombings', in which hackers enter chat rooms to drop racist language and violent threats, persist. The company had to fix a bug that would have allowed hackers to take over a Zoom user's Mac”, says The Guardian.  “Professional live-streaming does not suffer from any of these issues.  This is a one-way live-stream.  The guests attending are simply viewers, who do not get to share their web-cam, they are simply spectators, just like at the Wedding”, says Sager.

The feedback from the live stream was incredible! Everyone said it was crystal clear and that they felt like they were an intimate part of the ceremony. This was very special for all of us. Sandra H.

I’ve received over 100 messages from family and friends about the live stream yesterday. Everyone is asking what company we used and they are blown away by the quality of the stream. We’ve re-watched it three times already ourselves.  We cannot thank you enough, from the bottom of our hearts, for making our day so special and for streaming it so beautifully to our loved ones. Your team was incredible. Melissa and David.

Contact DMS Video today to find out more about professionally live-streaming your wedding with DMS LIVE! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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