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Must-Have Shots For Your Wedding Film

Every choice you made for your wedding came together to form the perfect day. From the flowers to the place settings, these details created an overall wonderful experience for you and your guests. You’ll want that feeling to be captured in the wedding film, so it’s important to make sure all of those elements make it into the film. Here are some key shots that you’ll want to be included in your wedding video so you can remember all of the cherished memories of your wedding day forever!

Getting Ready

Some of the most special moments happen in the preparation from Mom helping zip up a gown to Dad straightening a tie. There is a mix of nerves and excitement as you get ready for the big day, and with everything to do the morning can fly by. It’s nice to have a fly-on-the-wall videographer to capture any important little moments so you don’t have to add another thing to your to-do list. You can just enjoy getting ready and know this special day is being recorded so you can re-live it forever.


You’ve thought of every single detail from the cufflinks to the shoes and you may only get a chance to wear these beautiful accessories once! You’ll want to remember these little details so your wedding videographer should be sure to include some insert shots of the rings, the earrings, the cufflinks, the shoes and any other accessories you’ve thought of.

The Dress

The bride spent hours searching for the perfect wedding dress so it’s important to show it off! Even before the dress is on, you can get some shots of the dress hanging up to encapsulate all of its beauty. You can have it blowing in the wind, by a sunlit window or capture it through the reflection of a mirror. Then record some up-close details like the material, pattern or embellishments.


Wedding flowers add to the beauty and atmosphere of your wedding day, and they’ll have the same effect on your wedding video. Mixing in some insert shots of the bouquet, the flower arrangements and the boutonnieres creates an overall beautiful video. You’ll also get to remember the gorgeous flowers you spent hours picking out!

The Venue

Whether you have an outdoor wedding on the water or a ceremony in a beautiful old chapel, you picked this location for a reason. During the wedding, the videographer can get some shots of the building, the gardens or the winding staircase that make your venue unique and beautiful.


You’ve spent hours crafting or searching for the perfect words to say to your significant other so you’ll want to remember them forever. In the editing, you can choose to have your wedding vows played over the video so you can see relevant footage as the words are being said. For example, if your vows mention loving your partner’s laugh, the editor can include a clip of them laughing from earlier in your wedding day.

The Kiss

The first kiss you share as a married couple! You can only have that once, so you’ll want to ensure it is captured in your wedding video.


These are the well-thought-out and meaningful words that your friends and family want to share with you on your special day. Words of wisdom for your relationship, what you mean to them or some funny childhood memories. You’ll definitely want to have these captured. When you work with the editor, you can choose to include everyone’s full speeches or just some highlights.

Reaction Shots!

Of course you want to capture the vows, the speeches and the bride in her gorgeous gown, but some equally meaningful shots are the reactions to those moments. The look on one’s face the first time they see the bride in her dress, hearing their partners' wedding vows or listening to a parent’s speech can say so much. These reaction shots show how happy the couple is or how someone’s words have affected them, and really add emotion to your wedding video.

The Party!

You’re going to be so busy tearing up the dance floor that you may not see the new dance move your Uncle whips out or the matching shirts the groomsmen reveal under their suits. Let the wedding videographer capture the life of the party and have a living memory of how fun the night was.

Couple Specific Moments

Make things personal by incorporating something specific to the two of you. Are you writing letters to each other on the morning of the wedding? Are you taking photos in front of a favourite location before the wedding? Did you order late-night food from your favourite bagel place? If you added in some special details for your wedding that are significant to your relationship, you’ll want to make sure those are remembered forever.

What shots do you want to make sure you include for your wedding video?

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