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Picking Music For Your Wedding

Music is an essential component in your wedding because it can set the desired atmosphere, represent your relationship and evoke specific emotions in your guests. Different parts of your wedding require different types of music based on what feel you want during those moments. What you walk down the aisle to likely won’t be the same as what you dance to later in the evening. Here are a few key points throughout your wedding that you’ll need to choose music for and some ideas to help you pick.


The first music you’ll need to think about is the music playing as guests arrive. This tends to be light background music that is pretty and romantic and puts people in a loving mood as they find their seats for the ceremony. Couples can choose to have a live band play instrumental songs or have a list of songs played that match the tone of the wedding.


Throughout the ceremony, there are three key moments that couples will pick the music for. The first is the processional. You’ll need to think of what song you’d like played as the wedding party enters the ceremony. Depending on the tone of your wedding, this song can be an upbeat song with lyrics that reference love, weddings and a wedding party or you can go with an instrumental song with a romantic melody.

The next song is for the bridal processional. This is what will play as the bride walks down the aisle. The traditional songs are Bridal Chorus (more commonly known as “Here Comes The Bride”) and Canon in D however modern weddings have made a shift to picking current songs that relate specifically to their relationship. No matter which you choose this is the moment everyone has been waiting for so pick something that enhances this grand entrance.

The last is the recessional music. This is what will play as the bride and groom leave. This song is also very important as it’s the first song you’ll hear as a married couple! This is a chance to pick a song that really symbolizes your relationship and the commitment you’ve made to each other. You can pick an upbeat rhythm to match the excitement for this monumental moment or something romantic to show the love you have for each other.

Cocktail Hour

If you choose to have a cocktail hour at your wedding, what ambiance would you like to set? You can continue with the light and elegant background music similar to when people first arrived to allow guests to mingle, or get them in the party mood with more upbeat songs.


Depending on what you have planned for your reception, there are a few key songs you can pick for this part of the evening. If you’re planning a big entrance into the reception, pick a fun song that catches everyone’s attention. This can be a song that represents your relationship or one you have fond memories associated with. Couples often pick a song they can dance to as they come into the reception. (Some even choreograph a special dance to wow their guests!)

If you and your spouse are planning a first dance then you’ll need to pick the song to go with it. Is there a song that is personal to you or do the lyrics just speak to the love you have for each other? This is usually a mellow-paced song that you can slow dance to together.

Couples often do dances with their parents as well. This is a time to show thanks to your parent for their love and support and for helping you become the person you are today. This is also a slower-paced song to slow dance to and can speak more to the love a parent and child share.

Then the party begins! Whether you hire a DJ or a live band, pick some party favourites that will be sure to have your guests on the dance floor all night!

Wedding Video

Your wedding video tells the story of your relationship, your love and your wedding day. In order to capture all of that in one video, your wedding video team utilizes many elements like cinematic visuals and specific colour palettes. Music is also a key component in setting the tone of the film and the feeling you want to evoke through it.

Here are two examples of different types of music used for different types of wedding videos.

Upbeat music gives a fun tone and can highlight your playful relationship. The editor is playing with the fact that both Stefanie and Ryan joked about her crying so it makes sense to use fun music that compliments the content.

This music has a more elegant tone which matches the theme of the wedding. Note the music picks up halfway through when we get to the reception footage. Since that part of the wedding turns into a party, it’s natural for the video’s music to match that.

Thinking of hiring a wedding cinematographer to create your wedding video? Contact DMS today!

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