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TikTok/Reel Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event filled with love, joy, and cherished moments. In today's digital world, capturing these precious moments creatively has taken on a new dimension with platforms like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. These short-form video platforms offer an opportunity to relive your special day in unique and engaging ways. Here are some TikTok and Reel video ideas if you're looking for innovative videos to make your wedding day even more memorable!


This type of video seamlessly captures some before and after elements of your wedding, making them appear to have transformed effortlessly. A popular transformation video is found during the preparation portion of the day. There are hundreds of unique ways to capture what the bride and her bridesmaids look like before and after getting ready.

A common and easy video to execute features the bride before and after her hair and makeup are finished. The video starts with her sitting in the hair and makeup chair when she first arrives. She moves her hand towards the camera and when she pulls it back she reveals her finished hair and makeup look.

Many videos also showcase the bride and bridesmaids in robes or silky PJS and have them "quick change" into their dresses. For example, they jump in the air wearing their robes and when they land they're wearing their dresses. You can have the group walk past the camera and when the camera spins around to follow them, they've "suddenly" changed into their final looks.

^ This transformation video is a combination of the two! Starting with the bride and maid of honour in their robes, Farah pulls her hand away to reveal them in their final looks.

Another astonishing transformation video features the venue and decor of your wedding. Whether it's a before and after or a time-lapse video, going from an empty space to a beautifully decorated setting showcases the hard work that went into creating your dream wedding.

You can also move through the empty ceremony space and come back once everyone has arrived. This transformation video is a fun way to reveal all of your wedding guests.

Tip: For a seamless transformation video, be sure to have a dark or black screen in the middle of your two shots. This means when you're filming part one, you want it to end on a black screen (for example the palm of a hand or facing a wall). Part two must start on that same black screen. So when you cut the two together it will look like one continuous video and will appear as if only seconds have passed between the before and after.

Alternatively, if you have enough motion, you won't notice the moment when the two videos cut together. For example, our friend Helena at Illumina Bridal created this seamless transformation video with her and her bridesmaids.

What's In My Bag/Pockets

This can be done for anyone attending the wedding! Essentially you're sharing with your audience what you've decided to bring to the wedding. For someone like the maid of honour who has the added responsibility of caring for the bride, this video can be useful for future maids of honour watching. Perhaps you thought of something they haven't even considered to bring. The video begins with all of your things laid out, and you say what each item is as you put them into your purse, bag or pockets. Explain why that item may be important for the wedding day. Some examples of items include bandaids, touch-up makeup, perfume/cologne, sunglasses, your phone, a phone charger, your wallet, snacks, a sewing kit, tissues, comfy shoes to change into, deodorant, floss, a lint roller, Advil, a microfiber cloth for cleaning glasses or a camera lens, lip balm, and/or a disposable camera.

It can also be entertaining to see what the groom has chosen to keep in his pockets. It can say a lot about someone and be a fun behind-the-scenes look at his preparations.

Wedding Sunglasses Trend

This is a fun way to highlight the party portion of the wedding and get to feature a lot of your guests in a short period of time. Have all of your guests put on the same pair of sunglasses throughout the evening and capture a photo or short video clip of each person wearing them. If your wedding has a photo booth, you can leave the sunglasses there to have guests take the photos themselves. Collect 30-40 photos of people in the glasses to have enough footage to create your final video compilation.

This Is Your Sign To...

This can be used for virtually any component of your wedding day that is cute, memorable or a fun idea! For example, if you capture a cute video of your dog walking down the aisle, caption it "This is your sign to include your dog in your wedding." Or if you had a cool champagne tower, get some footage of it and add the text "This is your sign to have a champagne tower at your wedding." This video is a great chance to show off elements of your wedding that you're proud of and share your great ideas with other couples.

Something Old Something New

If you've chosen to follow the old tradition, and the bride is planning on having something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on her wedding day, film each of those items. Put them together into one video and caption each clip with its respective category.

Behind the Scenes vs. Wedding Video

Start the video with behind-the-scenes footage of a particular moment in the wedding, for example, the bride walking down the aisle. Then add the final video from your wedding videographer. The contrast of what the moment looked like in "real life" versus how the videographer captured it can showcase their talent and the magical feel of the film.

Wedding Theme

Does your wedding have a theme? Be sure to film every element of the wedding that is theme-inspired and compile it into a video with the caption of the wedding's theme.

Wedding Dress Goals

Compile several shots of the bride's wedding dress. Film every aspect of the dress from the train to the subtle details of a sleeve. Highlight the beautiful features and the way the gown moves. Over the video add the text "wedding dress goals" and you'll have every future bride asking how they can get that dress!

When creating your own TikTok or Reel videos, consider the platform's time limits and tailor your content to fit within the constraints. Additionally, choose background music that resonates with the mood and emotions of each segment, making the videos even more engaging.

Looking to create the BTS vs. Wedding Video post and need a wedding videographer? Contact DMS Video Productions today!

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