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Unforgettable Moments: Reflecting on Felicia and Adam's Beautiful Spring Wedding

Last spring we had the pleasure of capturing the romance and magic of Felicia and Adam's gorgeous wedding. Planned by the talented Fab Fete, the day was filled with classy and ethereal decor, live music, timeless attire and so much love. Join us as we relive some of our favourite memories from this spectacular wedding celebration.

The day began in the Jasper room of the Four Seasons Toronto where Felicia was pampered and prepped for the exciting day ahead. Alex Walderman from Fl-aw-less complimented Felicia's natural beauty with shimmering gold and brown eye shadow and a nude lip. Virasack Hair gave Felicia loose wavy locks that beautifully framed her face.

There was a full team of beauty experts providing glitz and glam to some of the most important ladies in Felicia's life. MaryEllen and her team of artists from The Art of Makeup And Hair worked their magic on the bridesmaids, the maid of honour and the grandmothers. While Alex and Virasack dolled up the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom and the bridesmaids.

Then it was time for Felicia to slip into her gorgeous wedding gown. Featuring a sweetheart plunging neckline, textured flower detailing and a huge bow on the back, this elegant and playful dress mirrored Felicia's kind and lively nature.

Her bridesmaids wore satin black gowns each in a unique design. This gave the group a harmonious unity while allowing them to showcase their individual style. Plus black and white is such a sophisticated and timeless combination, playing into the theme of the entire wedding.

Meanwhile, in a nearby hotel suite, Adam prepared for the big day with his two brothers and father. Adam put on his dashing suede tuxedo jacket and luxurious Gucci watch.

The groomsmen were all looking sharp in their sleek black tuxedos, complimenting the bridesmaids, who were also in all black. They also perfectly matched Adam with their bowties and black-buttoned dress shirts. The only difference was Adam's jacket texture which provided a cohesive look while still allowing Adam to stand out as the man of the hour.

The first look is always a special moment and a highlight of the day for our videographers. Getting to see Adam's eyes light up when he saw Felicia for the first time in her gown was a heartwarming delight. Felicia and Adam opted for a private reveal which made this momentous interaction incredibly intimate and romantic.

Guests began to arrive at the Four Seasons Toronto where they were greeted with the most magical ceremony. The room was light and airy and the rows of clear chairs gave a fairy tale feel as if we were inside an ice castle. Reznick provided a white aisle runner and ceremony stage vinyl that brightened the floor beneath the bride and groom's feet. The focal point was the most ethereal chuppah from R5 Events featuring huge bustles of white roses, peonies and inflorescence along the top and daffodils loosely floating down the sides. Guests were surrounded by beautiful melodies from the string

musician & pianist from Sole Power Productions.

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for: guests marvelled at Felicia's beauty as she walked down the aisle to Soul Power's instrumental version of "You're Still The One" by Shania Twain.

"And now for the first time as husband and wife, may I introduce the bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. Adam & Felicia Sherman!" Adam and Felicia burst into the reception room and made their way to the black and white checkered dance floor made by Reznick, dancing along to Sole Power's live version of Love

Tonight by David Guetta. Then guests

enjoyed a delectable feast.

Sole Power not only kept the energy high with their music but also created a lively atmosphere with their dance floor moving lights & matrix beams. This was complemented by the Audiovisual services of Encore Global.

This wedding provided the perfect elements for our team of videographers to work with. The artistry of the decor and the stunning backdrops paired with the picturesque couple were a dream to capture. Alongside us in documenting the day was the talented photographer Assaf Friedman. Having worked with him many times before, we knew his skill and warm personality would shine through in his photographs and his calming presence on the day.

As the last guest stepped off the dance floor and made their way home, we reflected on what an incredible day this was. Because of the excellent time management, planning, organization and teamwork of Fab Fete, the day was executed seamlessly. Tamara, Sasha and Tracie made sure everything went according to plan so that Felicia and Adam could enjoy their special day.

So as newlyweds, Felicia and Adam drove off into the night ready to start the rest of their lives together, both knowing that even though the day had to come to an end, these memories would be cherished forever.

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