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Wedding Theme Ideas

Choosing a theme for your wedding can be a fun and creative way to personalize your special day and make it memorable for you and your guests. It’s also a helpful starting point to base all of your other wedding decisions around like flowers, place settings, decorations, invitations and the cake! To help spark some ideas, here are a few wedding themes that we’ve seen over the years.

Winter Wonderland

A Winter Wonderland theme is perfect for couples who are outdoorsy, enjoy winter activities, or just love the magic of a snowy atmosphere. This theme will have guests in awe of the sparkling lights, white-painted branches and elegant decor.

Winter Wonderland is a great theme to pick if your wedding is already scheduled for the wintertime. You can pick a venue with large windows to see the beautiful snowy outdoors. Use blue, white and silver colour schemes and snowflake-inspired decor. Some bridal wear options are a long-sleeved dress, a faux fur shawl and fingerless gloves.

Maybe even incorporate a classic winter sport into your theme and get matching hockey attire like Samantha and Harley

Enchanted Forest

An Enchanted Forest theme transports you and your guests into a mystical world featuring magical lighting, lush trees and pastel colours.

Bring this fairytale atmosphere to life by incorporating elements like moss, ferns, and wildflowers into your decor. String plenty of twinkling lights or lanterns to set the magical tone and use wooden chairs, tables and signs. Wear whimsical wedding attire, colourful makeup or a floral crown. If it’s possible, host your wedding in a forest or garden with a lush green backdrop.


A Classic wedding theme gives a timeless, elegant and sophisticated feel to your wedding day. This theme highlights luxurious details, light linens and fancy decor.

For a classic wedding, focus on creating a cohesive and refined look using chandeliers, clean lines, white floral arrangements and simple drapery. Use calligraphy for the wedding invitations, place cards and signs. For the bride’s dress, go for a ballgown or a-line style and for the groom, a tuxedo. You may even choose to go with a formal or black tie dress code to enhance the entire atmosphere.

Take a look at Jessica and Paul’s classic wedding:


A Bohemian wedding theme is all about embracing your free-spirited nature and incorporating natural and earthy tones and artistic decor. This theme is perfect for couples who embody a carefree lifestyle and want a relaxed and carefree atmosphere for their wedding day.

To capture the Bohemian vibe, use a mix of textures like macrame, exposed brick, and burlap. For flowers and decorations go for pampas grass, succulents and natural leaves. Complete the look with a lace wedding gown, and flowers for the bride and bridesmaids' hair.


A Sustainable themed wedding is great for couples who are environmentally conscious or minimalistic. This theme emphasizes simplicity, and natural beauty all while protecting our planet.

Have an outdoor wedding in a garden, on a beach, or somewhere with a naturally beautiful backdrop so you don’t need decorations, flower arrangements or other single-use accents. Find companies and venues with reusable linens, drapes and dinnerware. Use biodegradable decor and give edible keepsakes. We’ve seen couples use seed-infused place cards so guests can take them home and plant them!

Holiday Themed

A Holiday Themed wedding is perfect for couples who love celebrating a day of festivity, cherished memories and family traditions. Plan your wedding to fall on or around your favourite holiday, and base your theme around it!

Is there a certain holiday that is significant to your relationship? Maybe you and your loved one shared your first kiss on New Year's Eve so having your wedding on December 31st makes it even more special. Then decorate with black, gold and silver. Give everyone NYE-themed accessories and kiss your new spouse after the countdown!

Check out Mara and Bevan’s New Year’s Eve themed wedding:

Deciding to have a wedding theme is a great way to showcase your personality, be reflective of your relationship and create lasting memories. Whether you prefer timeless and classic or magical and creative, your wedding theme will be romantic and memorable.

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