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Why You Should Hire A Cinematographer For Your Wedding

Updated: Apr 22

Your wedding is coming up and you want to make sure you remember it forever. You already have a photographer to capture your special day, so what’s the need for a wedding video? Well, let’s ask some newlyweds about their experience to see why hiring a wedding cinematographer was the best decision they made!

Has something crazy or magical ever happened and you think “I wish I caught that on camera!” Well, a cinematographer is there to do that for you. Having a wedding videographer allows you to just enjoy your day and not worry about if those magical moments are being captured. After hiring DMS Video Productions Toronto, Michael posted “On the day of our wedding, the videographers were always on time and prepared to shoot and somehow captured all our important moments without us evening realizing they were there.”

Hiring a wedding cinematographer also means receiving a professional film of your day. When you work with DMS, we not only capture your wedding on camera, we capture your love. With expert cinematographers and editors, we craft the footage into a story so anyone watching it can truly experience the emotion of the day. Sarah described her wedding film as “truly a masterpiece”. She said “we cried when we watched it, our friends cried, our parents cried. It was spectacular!!! Cannot wait to watch it a million more times.” Danielle said, “we love our wedding video, they captured our entire wedding day and did a fantastic job editing it into a beautiful film.”

Photographs are an amazing way to capture a moment and remember your day forever, but a video is like thousands of little moments. Plus with the ability to add sound and music, you can fully capture the feelings of the day. Amanda commented that “The DMS team did a great job staying behind the scenes and not obstructing any part of the ceremony or party, while somehow capturing so many special moments! We adore our Next Day Edit (and in particular, love the music and songs that DMS chose).”

Working with a videographer also lets you and your significant other feel like movie stars for the day! After her experience with DMS, Melissa said “Darren and his team are the most approachable, friendly, and talented artists. My husband and I felt like we were on the set of a movie and they truly made our day so special and memorable. The teaser they created for us was jaw dropping and our wedding video completely captured every element of our perfect day! We still cry watching it! “

Also, film crews are just fun people to have around! Outside of the beautiful product videographers deliver, they can also add good vibes to your wedding day. Listen to what Meagan had to say about DMS’s team. “They were so incredibly professional but yet also made us feel incredibly comfortable. We had a small zoo of dogs at my parent’s house when we were getting ready, and the crew totally rolled with it! Throughout the day as nerves started to collect the DMS crew were such a calming force, guiding us through the day with their expert knowledge, sincere kindness, and good dose of humour. Our wedding day would have not been the same without them.” Daniel seemed to have the same thoughts as he commented “Our crew were friendly, outgoing and truly fun to be with” and Melissa too with her comment “On the day of our wedding, the team was beyond warm, positive, friendly, and flexible, and made us feel incredibly comfortable.”

Videographers can also give you the option to live stream with professional video quality. After using DMS-LIVE!, Assaf said “Our guests were simply blown away by the exceptional cinematography conducted by Darren and his 3 team members. They filled every promise and both of us and all of our guests were simply dumbfounded. Our live-streamed guests had a better view with likely a better experience than our 20 close family and friends present the day of our wedding.” And Orli said “The livestream of our event was beyond any of my expectations. Our guests said they felt like they were attending the actual celebration, even though they were at their respective homes. Having multiple camera angles kept the viewers' attention at all times, and made the ceremony more engaging.”

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