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-live streaming-

If you plan on holding an intimate Event, and you want to share with friends and family unable to attend, for one reason or another, our DMS-LIVE Professional Live Event Streaming may be just right for you!

Unlike others who may be attempting to share via Zoom, Skype or iChat, our Professional Streaming Services use our State-of-the-Art Cinematic Cameras, Wireless-Video-Transmitters (so our cameras can operate freely and safely), optional video switching and dedicated on-line Sputnik servers to produce the highest quality transmission available. 

We start off by creating your very own Private Web Page, with Password, so your Live-Stream is private and personal. Guests can chat with each other leave messages, post photos and selfies for you to view after the ceremony.


We offer single and multi-camera options with professional video switching between the different cameras so your virtual guests experience your ceremony even more intimately than if there in person! 

Of course, the beauty with DMS-LIVE! is that your Wedding Cinematography takes place at the same time, with the same Cinematographers!  With DMS-LIVE! there's no need for additional crew.  We keep everything streamlined with less people at your event.

If you would like more information on this new and exciting service, please contact-us.  We'd love to Live Stream your special day!

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