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Birthday Party Ideas for your teen

Tribute Video

Hire DMS Video and let your teen and their friends feel like movie stars for the day. Have they always wanted to be a singer? We can have them star in their own professional music video with their friends. Are they into sports? We can feature them in their own mock sports profile on SportsNet. What’s their favourite reality show? We can re-create it and put them and their friends in the show. We can even make it look like they’re carpool karaoke-ing with James Cordon! Your teen and their friends will have such a blast getting to hang with a professional film crew all day and have a video keepsake of their birthday party day of stardom.

Here are some examples of the tribute videos we’ve made:

Escape Room

If your teen loves puzzles, games and interactive stories, this is the perfect place to host their birthday party! After being locked into a room, they and their friends work together to solve puzzles and riddles to escape before the time runs out! Escape rooms can have all sorts of themes like secret spies, prohibition and Egyptian tombs. Search escape rooms in your area to see which one better suits your teen's interests and which one accommodates your party size.


There are now a lot of modern arcades and entertainment centres that are targeted toward adults. They still have all of the arcade games, pool tables and tabletop games, but have a more mature atmosphere. This is the perfect place to host a teenager’s birthday party. They can still play games with their friends, but not feel like they are at a kid’s birthday party. Some locations may have a bar connected but are often open to anyone during the day. For example, the Rec Room in Toronto is open to all ages before 11 pm.

Mystery Bus Tour

Rent a bus or 12-passenger van and stop at surprise locations around the city. Don’t tell any of your party guests where the destinations will be, especially not the birthday guest of honour! Here are a few ideas of stops, but it can really be any of your teen’s favourite places!

You could stop at an arcade and give everyone a pre-loaded wristband or tickets. Once everyone has used them up, move to the next location. Stop at your kid’s favourite restaurant for lunch or dinner. Make a stop at the dollar store and give everyone a few dollars to buy whatever loot bag items they want. Go to a bowling alley to play one game. The last stop could be a restaurant or a friend’s house to have cake and presents.

It doesn’t matter how many stops you make or how long you stay at each, everyone will love the excitement of not knowing where they’ll end up next!

Board Game Cafe

This is a great birthday party location for board game lovers. With hundreds of games to choose from, they can play as many different ones as they like. If some guests like different games, they can always split up into groups and rotate around. This is a great way to test out new board games and stay entertained for hours. Most board game cafes also offer food and drinks so you can feed your guests while you’re at it.

Thinking of filming a tribute video for your teen’s birthday party? Contact DMS Video Productions today!

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